Sugar Glider Vet - The Veterinarian's Sugar Glider Resource

The SUGAR Group has ongoing research into many areas of sugar glider care and treatment.  You can encourage pet parents to participate in ongoing research by visiting the SUGAR Group website and completing one of our many surveys. 

Medical information is being collected for analysis in all of the following areas:

  • Facial and Dental Abscesses
  • Liver disease
  • Dehydration
  • Seizures
  • Neuter
  • Medication Usage
  • Necropsy

We encourage each owner to have a necropsy completed following the death of a sugar glider.  We learn from each and every necropsy and histopathology completed on a glider. The SUGAR Group has a program which will assist owners with the cost of necropsy and histopathological testing.

As a veterinarian, you can assist with our research in many ways:

  • Encourage your pet parents to have laboratory testing any time it is indicated and to share those reports with the SUGAR Group.

  • Complete the wellness or sick and injured glider exam report each time you examine a glider (found in the pet parent information sheets section of this website) and send a copy to the SUGAR Group.

  • Encourage necropsy and histopathology on every glider that passes away under your care.  You can complete the necropsy in your office and harvest tissues for histopathology (this allows the pet parent to take the glider home for burial).  Tissues and organs can be sent to the SUGAR Group for affordable testing in our lab.  The entire body can also be shipped (overnight) to the SUGAR Group.  Necropsy and histopathology will be completed in our lab and results shared with the owner.  For additional instructions, visit the SUGAR Group website ( 

  • Encourage pet parents to visit the SUGAR Group website and complete all the surveys

You may visit the SUGAR Group website frequently.  The "reports" section of the website has interesting ad relevant data found from the SUGAR Group's research.  As it becomes available and relevant, research information will be posted here as well.

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