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The Sugar Glider's Diet
There is no perfect sugar glider diet.  While much has been learned in regards to the nutritional needs of sugar gliders, there is still much more not known.  Several blended diets have been developed which, fed with a variety of fruits and vegetables, seem to provide for the sugar gliders’ needs.
Owners should be encouraged to look at these diets and find one that will be easy for them to prepare.  As more research is done, recommendations may be made but a few general guidelines are:
  • Sugar gliders should not be fed a pelleted diet.  While high quality cat kibble or pellets are acceptable as an occasional addition, they are not acceptable as the staple diet.  There is no commercially available pellet that is nutritionally complete for sugar gliders, despite any claims made to the contrary.  Gliders also demonstrate a very low tolerance for aflatoxin, making pellet diets especially dangerous for sugar gliders.
  • A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables should be fed daily along with a blended staple or a fresh protein source.  Bugs are not a significant source of usable protein.  Some of the blended diets focus on plant based protein sources and some focus on animal based protein sources
  • High protein diet is recommended for gliders recovering from illness or injury or breeding and nursing females.  Normal diet does not require high amounts of protein.
  • Over-feeding supplements such as calcium can be just as harmful as not feeding enough supplements.  A diet wide in variety and rich in natural nutrients may not require much supplementation at all.
Some of the widely utilized diet plans include:
The HPW diet
Bourbon's Modified Leadbeater's Diet
Priscilla Prices' Pet Glider Diet
The Blended Diet
A variety of "green" diet plans
Further information and diet recipes for each of these diet plans can be found here:
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