Sugar Glider Vet - The Veterinarian's Sugar Glider Resource
Perhaps one of the most important aspects to rendering veterinary treatment to sugar gliders is controlling pain.  Sugar gliders react to pain differently than the majority of companion animals.  When in discomfort, sugar gliders will chew at the affected area in an attempt to stop the pain.  As they chew more, the pain increases.  When the pain increases, they chew more.  It’s a rapidly escalating cycle which will result in death if not stopped. 
With prompt attention to controlling pain and discomfort, the risk of self-mutilation can be greatly reduced if not entirely prevented.  Pain medication, such as butorphanol or meloxicam, should be included in treatment for conditions such as:
  • Urinary tract infections (UTI)
  • Pouch infection
  • Tail injury
  • Foot/toe injuries
  • Penis infection or prolapse
  • Post-surgery, including neuters
Pain medication should be administered for at least 5 days.  While any medication carries the risk of side effects, properly dosed pain medication is a necessity to successful treatment.  

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