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Sugar Glider Illness
Many sugar glider owners simply do not know what changes to look for in their gliders to tell them that injury or illness are approaching.  Many veterinarians do not have enough experience with sugar gliders to recognize illness.  Sadly, many gliders will never see a vet until their situation is critical. 
We provide you these photos to assist you with recognizing illness vs. healthy gliders in APPEARANCE.
 Healthy Gliders
Ears are perky, eyes are bright,
coat is smooth and silky.  Activity level is moderate to high.

The gliders below are NOT stained. 

 Ill Gliders
Ears are down, eyes are dull, coat may be greasy and/or unkempt.  Activity level is low.

Another issue that owners will encounter (and you will see) is staining.  Adult gliders begin to show staining on their fur for several reasons:
1)  Long term use of a less than ideal diet
2)  Unclean living/sleeping conditions.  
3)  Illness

Staining will appear as brown, orange, or yellowish tint to the fur, especially to the areas that should be white (belly, etc).

The gliders below show staining

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