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You might find the following links useful as you continue your research into sugar gliders or for contacting those owners, researchers and rescuers most experienced in caring for and rehabilitating sugar gliders.

The SUgar Glider Advanced Research Group
(SUGAR Group)
The SUGAR Group is a one-of-a-kind research organization which solely researches sugar gliders, their care, anatomy and medical needs.  Based in Texas, the SUGAR Group houses the largest database of information and statistics regarding sugar gliders.

The Glider Initiative
TGI is an educational organization based in Michigan.  TGI is dedicated to providing all sugar glider owners, breeders, rescuers, brokers, veterinarians and rehabilitation specialists with the most up-to-date and relevant information and education concerning gliders to date.

SouthEast Companion Animal Rescue and Education Services, Inc.
SECARES is an educational and rescue organization based in Florida.  With heavy emphasis upon rescue education and public information sharing, SECARES is dedicated to improving the lives of all gliders through education.  SECARES is open for taking in gliders in medical need and occasionally has gliders available for adoption.

The Sweet Spot
The Sweet Spot is a medical based chat forum where owners come together to share information in all forms about gliders and their care.  You will find many personal stories and much medical information handy on The Sweet Spot.  You do not have to become a member to view medical information, but do have to register to view the husbandry and other helpful information.  Excellent resource for sharing with your pet parents.

Kingdom Kritters Rescue and Sanctuary
Kingdom Kritters is a rescue facility specializing in the rehabilitation of seriously injured and ill sugar gliders.  With the assistance and expert veterinary care of Dr. Bradley Walsh, sugar gliders from all across the nation are rehabilitated, socialized and then placed into loving, forever homes.  Those that are not considered adoptable (for any reason) find their forever home with Kingdom Kritters.

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